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Argentina: Crucible of Races

The first inhabitants of the present Argentine territory were indigenous peoples, who, congregated in tribes, developed their respective cultures at different extents. In the XVI Century the arrival of the Spanish conquerors brought their own customs and values, thus generating a cultural convergence of everlasting dimensions, not without pain in some cases and cooperation in others. From the population point of view such convergence gave place to the mix of white and indigenous peoples, to which later, in a lesser degree, the addition of black people brought from Africa or Brazil as slaves, particularly in the area of the Río de La Plata, was added. South American Indigenous people and mixed race people have thus shaped the conformation of the local (“criolla”) population. In the second half of the XIX Century and the first half of the XX Century, an important flow of immigrants predominantly of European origin took place, what constitutes another fundamental pillar at the time of defining the essence of “what is Argentinean”, as the product of a true “crucible of races”.